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Currently, soccer betting is a quite exciting and unique topic, attracting a large number of bettors to participate. In football, there are many different types of bets, including yellow card betting. Follow the following article by 90jili to better understand yellow card betting.

What is yellow card betting?

What is yellow card betting?

Yellow card betting is where players can bet on the number of yellow cards a player gets in a match. A yellow card will be given by the referee to warn any player who commits a foul during the match or does not comply with football rules.

Yellow card betting is different from other types of betting in that you will judge and give the number of yellow cards in each match. However, in special cases, such as in a match, a player is given 2 yellow cards in a row, which is equivalent to 1 red card, forcing this player to leave the field and not be able to continue playing.

In other cases, if there are 2 yellow cards given to the same player in the match but not in the same match, this player will be forced to retire from any match, not necessarily the next match.

Extremely effective and accurate guide to betting on yellow cards

To better understand how to bet on yellow cards, you can refer to the following instructions:

Handicap betting on yellow cards

Handicap bets on yellow cards include two types: upper bet and lower bet. Depending on the regulations of each bookmaker for players, there is an appropriate handicap rate. The method of calculating the handicap yellow card betting will be based on the number of valid cards in a 90-minute match.

However, players also need to note that this yellow card will be drawn by the referee during the official match time, but it is not counted in the result of the bet. Each yellow card will be counted as 1 point, based on which the final total score of the match will be calculated.

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Besides, there are also some forms of betting on penalty cards for the whole match. If the penalty card is in the 1st position, priority will be given to the yellow card betting method as above.

Over/under betting on yellow cards

For this form of yellow card betting, players will rely on the prediction of the total number of penalty bets in the main match that the referee has drawn for both teams. At the same time, over/under betting on yellow cards will include two cases for bettors to choose from as follows:

  • The form predicts the total number of yellow cards awarded in the half will be calculated for the whole match and decided whether it is even or odd.
  • Players will predict whether the two teams, including the home team and the away team, will score first or last.
  • The betting option does not depend on the number of penalty cards in the match and the result of goals scored at the beginning or end of the match.

Based on the time of yellow card betting

In addition to the above two forms of betting, players can also choose the form of yellow card betting from time to time. The house does not require players to bet within a certain period of time. Depending on the level of the player’s bet, there will be a specific time. Or based on the betting timeline when the yellow card is drawn in what minute and in what specific time period.

Experience in betting on yellow cards to win easily

Experience in betting on yellow cards to win easily

To be able to bet on yellow cards accurately and win easily, players can refer to some experiences as follows:

Understand the upcoming matches

To have an effective way to bet on yellow cards, players need to pay attention to information related to the match they are about to participate in. Normally, for European football matches, the referee will make more drastic and decisive decisions in issuing yellow cards to players who violate the rules of the game.

Therefore, you should make an analysis of the carding rate in the last 10 matches to be able to grasp match information. In addition, players with aggressive playing style will make the referees more aggressive in issuing yellow cards in the first half.

Learn about the referee in that match

Please learn about personality, psychology as well as history as a referee through previous matches. This is extremely important so players can bet on yellow cards most accurately.

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Furthermore, you can look up more information about some other referees on football forums, so you can know how that referee plays. Thanks to that, you can understand the psychology of the referee and be able to predict yellow card betting effectively.

Find out information about the team

Players need to find out information about the psychology of the two teams’ playing style, which will directly determine the number of yellow cards drawn during the match. For hot-tempered players who play hastily and hastily, players with bold plays that lead to loss of control in their actions will easily be given many yellow cards by the referee. Therefore, you should carefully study these issues before betting on yellow cards.

Some tips for betting on yellow cards for newbies

Some tips for betting on yellow cards for newbies

Each player will have different ways of predicting yellow cards. The following are betting tips that new participants can refer to:

Match selection

Players should choose a match with higher influence and popularity, the odds will increase accordingly. Before starting, you should take some time to find out information about the team to determine the style of play to place your bet. This is also the standard way to predict European odds and Asian odds.

Be careful with Odds when entering

The higher the odds, the more difficult the Odds, especially the lower the bet level. This means that the possibility of the player winning is very high.

Release or abandon the bet if in doubt

Betting is often about luck and bad luck, so bettors need to be careful when choosing how to bet on yellow cards. If you feel that your judgment is incorrect or different from others, you should consider carefully so that you can remove the bandage if something bad happens.

Things to remember when betting on yellow cards

To avoid risks and unfortunate situations that cause players to lose and lose bets, they need to pay more attention to how to bet on yellow cards. Specifically:

  • Learn how to bet and grasp information about the players as well as an overview of the match.
  • Especially find out if the referee often makes mistakes or gives red cards. This is extremely necessary and you need to pay attention and be careful. Because not every match the referee will be fair to both teams. Due to some biased referees, the match becomes more complicated and difficult to predict.
  • Players need to pay attention to learning about the players’ history. Among them, players who often receive yellow cards are even sent off the field by the referee.
  • Usually, European referees are stronger than Asian referees, so you can rely on this factor to have a more accurate way to predict yellow card betting.


Thus, with the information that 90jili shares about how to predict yellow card betting in detail above, it can help you bet accurately and easily win. Besides, to bet effectively, you also need to pay attention to learn, analyze and review the necessary information surrounding the match you are about to participate in, thereby drawing more accurate conclusions.

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